Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Well, yet another productive day. I spent today writing my Tron 2.o review and posting it on an obscure website in their gaming forums. It was a wonderful game and I enjoyed the ride but it's a themepark I want to leave for a while. I've been playing games a lot for a long time and lately I've been thinking of visiting other pastures before coming back. Maybe I'll do what a month ago I would have thought was a real sacrifice and not play Half-Life 2. I have comics to draw and I need inspiration for them, I have stories to write and I need characters to put in them. I have pictures to paint. Projects to finish. My life has recently felt a little empty and I need to find something to fill it with. I'm going to bend all my efforts to start trying to fill it with a Multimedia and Web Design degree from the local art institute. And if I think I can hack it, maybe a degree in Animation and Art Design instead. It's a much harder program and its a bachelor's now when even the associates was more expensive. Of course, the desire to chuck it all and move to Italy is tempting.

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