Friday, September 05, 2003

It is an AWESOME day today. I succeeded in the first story quest for Star Wars: Galaxies. Not a huge reward but I've done my part for the rebellion against the empire. By the way, for all those interested I decided to post a link to my review for the game Tron 2.o. I've been working diligently on my project, I won't post anymore pictures though. Really that last picture wasn't even a part of the project but I got bored and I moved the project way ahead for the things I knew I would do when the details were finished and then I put a great big ball of flame and some dramatic red lighting in there which ended up having some incredible effects that were totally worth keeping. It's all well and good. My friend Gabrielle is doing a lot better and I'm really glad, I wish her all the best. Mike is doing well, his grades are high, and Zac will be back here tomorrow. I think I'll be throwing him a welcome home grilling with some of the best fajitas the world has ever tasted. Want the recipe?

Take thinly sliced skirt steak and marinade overnight in a good marinade, I can't take credit for this bit because I use a stor bought marinade, lemon pepper is the best I've found.

Slice sweet onion into rings, along with semi thin sliced strips of green red and yellow peppers for color and taste.

In an empty bowl sprinkle a little bit of wine, REAL WINE not cooking wine, a little pepper, if you have it... about a quarter of a teaspoon of habanero powder. Email me at [email protected] if you want some, I can either give instructions to make it or maybe send some. Some pepper and a light sprinkling of vinigar. Mix all the vegetables well to give them a very light coating, tossing them in the mixture sprinling medium doses of wine over till their color changes. Grind some more pepper over them and sprinkle ginger on them. Then finely mince a cup of cilantro and mix well, further recoating all of the vegies with the spices. Let sit all night is best, but if you do this a few hours before cooking it is fine. When the meat is drained of the marinade sprinkle with ginger and pepper. Cook meat however you do... I have a sort of wire mesh basket with a handle that lets me cook over and open fire small things like meat strips and well cut veggie strips though you always lose some of the onions as they go the most limp from cooking. Cook meat until it is half done, then mix vegetables and stir frequently till peppers are well chared and roasted and onions are tender brown and occasionally blackened on the edges. The meat should be tender and juicy, if it is dry next time add veggies earlier if it is too raw keep cooking till the meat is done and add the veggies later next time. Voila, best fajitas ever. Always Squirt with fresh lime juice JUST before eating.

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