Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Last night was pretty cool, I started playing around with the recipe for the chicken and I've gotten it even better. It's warmer, with less sweetness and more tang, so it tastes better. I cooked it indoors, which ended up doing well. Everyone liked it. I bought a ton of peppers since there was a huge sale and it will save me work later on. They had red pepper for 50 cents each and it must have just happened because I was able to find 7 HUGE and NICE red peppers that I bought and will be roasting on friday or saturday. For desert I'll be grilling peaches and making a cinnamon sauce out of butter and brown sugar and strong cinnamon flavoring, dunno how else to make a sauce, I'll play around with it tonight and thrusday to see what I can do, and then I'll serve the peaches on vanilla ice cream with the sauce drizzled on it.

We'll see how people like that, maybe I'll do grilled pineapple and rosemary. It's a tough decision, i really need to learn how to do a good cinnamon flavored sauce so that the cinnamon is the strongest flavor.

Anyway, I'm visiting my mom tonight, and I'm going to maybe do the peaches after that.

Oh, and Jackson and George came over last night after Jackson was hanging out with everyone at IHOP. I wasn't expecting them, so I was practicing my orange chicken and I let them eat some while we all watched Flight of the Phoenix. After George left, Jackson played hackey sack with me for an hour or so and we got to do a lot of talking and catching up. I wish he could hang out more often, that would be cool.

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