Monday, March 14, 2005

Okay, I forgot to post on friday, I'm forgetfull, I know it. As it happens, friday was a very good day, where I got to install Freedom Force at work, which I have very much enjoyed, though over the weekend, I played it much more at home. And on the way home I was in a fender bender. Some kids decided to ride across the street in the middle of traffic after a light had been green for a good while and about 5 cars nearly ran over them, me included, and in my braking, someone tapped my fender. Everyone was very cool, and no damage or harm was done. I was between manslaughter and a hard place, and it's really good I saw those kids. It was a less than a second reaction that probably saved 2 lives.

Over the weekend I played lots of freedom force, and I went to watch the movie Robots, which I loved, and spent most of saturday just hanging out with Mike while he ran errands. Chris called Mike and we got to talk to him for about an hour before he had to get off the phone and go back to work. Army must be hell, but he's doing awesome. He's earned the rank of sharpshooter for accuracy, and he's played with more guns now than I've ever even seen in real life. I'll be sending him my novel when I write him next time so that he'll have plenty of reading material.

Sunday.. I didn't leave the appartment all day long. It was a nice day. Played lots of Freedom Force. Went to sleep. It was very very nice. This week is spring break, but I already got my vacation from work, so I still have to work all week. Discussing getting a bit of friday off, but I might not get it for when we go camping next week.

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