Thursday, March 10, 2005

Some very cool things today. Got some very good feedback and advice in class today on my critical analysis paper from the substitute. Was up all night working hard on that, didnt get to sleep till a little after one. All in all it was about an hour and a half of work interspersed with lots of chat and talking Chuck about rent, etc.

Today has been a really cool day as far as news on the next generation consoles go. It looks like even with the Cell chip, the other two consoles should very well be able to compete with it considering the specs of what they'll be pushing as well. Top that off with the fact that Nintendo isn't stressed about graphics and is looking at a totally new direction. Well, you can bet that I'll be keeping my eye on that. To top it off, the DS is going online. There will be free access to worldwide games for the DS, with games like Mario Kart and others. That will blow away even the Xbox's online capabilities. The revolution should have Wi-Fi too, in fact, it's confirmed.

later tonight, I think I'm going to be doing cooking. I'll let you know how that goes later.

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