Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Clairissa was bored. Terribly bored. There was never anything she wanted to do, school was out for the summer, and the days took forever to pass her by, each with seemingly less to do than the day before. What time she had was spent wasting away in front of the tv, watching reruns half heartedly while keeping the windows shuttered so that there was no glare to interupt the shows that she did not really care about.

She pushed the mouse across the screen and double clicked on the icon for her messenger program, in hopes that some chat would take her boredom away. It never did, but there was always the hope that she woud run into someone interesting. Her fingers tapped liesurely as she searched for someone worth talking to in the directory. Profile after profile slipped by, each one looking almost all too similar to a thousand others. Too young, too old, too obscene. All her friends were offline, and even when they were online, they had just as much to say as she did, which was nothing at all.

"hey," they would say. "whats r u doing?"

"nm, u?" She tapped the answer out lazily on the keyboard.

"nmhjc" The replies were always the same, every day, every few minutes in hopes that someone would be doing something, and that they could latch on for a bit and let someone entertain them for a while.

A profile apeared at the end of one of Clairissa's searches that was just so different from all of the rest:

Gender: Unknown
Age: Old as time itself
Location: Wherever I am needed.
Occupation: None
Hobbies: Fixing boredom wherever it can be found.
News: I have a new adventure, message me, I have the solution for your boredom.

The picture attatched to the profile was of the cover to what looked like a user's manual, with the words too grainy to read. She hesitated at the oddness of the profile, a temptation to message Adventure1945 itched inside of her. Whoever it was, was certainly creative. There was no favorite quote on the profile or even any other fields filled out. Clairissa decided against it and turned off the computer and went to take another nap. It's what she always ended up doing for most of the day, it certainly didn't hurt anything.

* * *

To be continued...

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