Monday, July 11, 2005

This weekend was nice, I saw fantastic four with Mike on friday, I spent all day with my mom and Alan on saturday, they let me take the Neon while he worked on the truck. Saturday night was spent with George, Mike, and Jackson getting the last of what I needed for the baked beans and the brisket. Forgot gloves and George was too much of a baby to be the one to rub the dry rub into the brisket, so had to go back out later to get gloves for me to prepare the meat.

On sunday the food wasn't ready till about 10:20 after Mike had already gone home. It was lots of fun, the food was delicious, not as spicy as last time. However, the baked beans were plenty spicy. Everyone went home by midnight though, except Jake who stayed behind and helped clean up till about 12:30.

Today I didn't do much but play catch up in my online class and sleep at work. My muscles are all sore, and I'm probably going to go to sleep early. How early? Know one nos...

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