Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, today I was supposed to go to the store with George and get a brisket for cooking on saturday, but wouldn't you just know, George isn't answering his phone, so I don't knwo what is going to happen, Mike says he'll go, so, I guess that's a plan.

I really wanted to go to a store in the mall and pick up a mortar and pestel, and I'll look for one at the grocery store, but I really need something that's designed for breaking down dry ingredients. A good mortar and pestel would get a LOT of use at my house, I'm tired of using the coffee grinder. Though, I did find it rather enjoyable the oen time my room mate, Chuck, used my coffee grinder for coffee(without asking) after I had used it for dried habaneros. *grins* Oh, that was fun...

Last night I went to church with my mom. Her church is just okay, it's way better than churches she's been to, and it's sad that it's struggling, or it looks like it, when other churches seem to do so well that are just in it for the money. You can feel what a church is about the minute you walk in the door. You can tell what they're priorties are by the way they talk. If anyone in a church ever says to you, "You will loose weight, and get more money, and look better if you continue coming to this church." I cannot believe my mom continued to go to and have faith in a church where the pastor said that. Of course, looking around at the entire congregation, it looked like it was populated mostly by overweight women with their hair dyed blonde. *sigh*

I wish that were a joke.

This is a good church though, with a good pastor, and good messages. And it's really tiny and in the inner city. I suppose that's part of it. My mom literally lives right next door to it, so there's no excuse for her to ever be late. But she still is anyway.

I think I'm going to go again next week.

Mmmm... dentyne ice....

Oh, and I customized all the colors on my live journal version of this page, which happens to be identical, but in place because I was petitioned into creating one. Yucky that one of the better designs had no choices whatsoever for other versions, so if you like my colors, say so...

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