Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Well, the brisket came out okay, even though I think I cooked it twice. It cooked at god knows what temperatures for 5 hours before going out while I was at work, though it had plenty of time to cool off before I got home, at which point it was too cool to have any idea how cooked it was on the inside, so I started the fire up again, because I was certain it wasn't finished, and by 12:30 the internal temp was up to 165 or 170 or so. That was only about four to five hours from room temperature... and so I have to wonder if it had been fully cooked earlier that day, and if I had cooked it twice. Either way, it was still absolutely delicious, nice and spicy hot, with the natural flavors of the meet still there. It was slightly tough though, personally, I have had much better, but I've had much worse to, I would say that it was middling restaurant grade.

On Saturday, Mike and I hung out with Matt Newman(who is home for the army for a bit before they send him to Iraq), Chris Brown, another friend of theirs, and his wife. We ate lunch at Taco Cabana, and from there Mike and I went to watch War of the Worlds, which I ended up liking quite a bit. In fact, I was really surprised how good it is. There are 2 scenes in the entire movie that steal from the basic theme of human helplessness and both of them create plot holes so that they can happen, one is worse than the other, but I was pissed at both of them. I was the only one, the rest of the theater was incredibly inspired and cheered and clapped at the scenes that I hated so much. Probably because they finally thought that humanity would be able to fight for itself. As if it needed to, and those of you who know the story know what I mean.

Sunday was pretty slow, ate lunch with Mike, and hung out at half priced books, and then, didnt do much at all.

Monday was a real treat, at dinner with Mike, George, a girl he used to date named Crystal, Kayla, and a girl she was babysitting named Marcy. After dinner we went to Marcia's appartment, and traveled around the town square, checking out shops, playing haky sack, and playing with freebies before headign back to the appartment. It was on the third story, and the balconies had an amazing view of the 15 minute fireworks show put on. We played games, and Justin and Cymeron were there. We played imagine iff. It was my first time and it was a ton of fun, every question is, "if (you can pick anyone you know) were (Something), what type of (something) would they be?" or similar with multiple choice, and everyone polled. Everyone had a blast, after that, it was really late and George took me home and we watched four episodes of invader zim before I went to sleep.

I'm really tired right now, but I'll stay awake till it's time to go home.

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