Thursday, December 15, 2005


Saw King Kong last night. Overall it was a really good movie, really sad, but frankly, it could really have been shorter. Some of the fights were beyond unreasonably long, stealing from the focus of the movie and feeling like they’re there to support the video game. I mean, I literally got TIRED of watching Kong beat up on dinosaurs. There were some amazingly visceral moments; Kong himself was amazing, visually and in his animation. Some moments in the film made my stomach churn hard watching the incredible but horrific events. If you hate spiders DO NOT see this film. It definitely had some graphic deaths. But so help me, how long do we need to watch a trampling dino scene that seems to kill people right and left but kills only four people? It just… amazing that you can get tired of watching giant beasts punch each other.

Tonight Scott also worked on Short with me, which looks like it could be cool. There was also a really cool moment last week where mike actually messed around with the interface for our game. is a really cool game. I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot today. Christmas presents for all my friends shipped today. They’ll be here by next week. I also had a really awesome surprise at work, my first Christmas bonus ever! My supervisor asked me in sounding as serious and upset as possible and then when I got there it was a nice check, wow that felt good.

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