Thursday, December 01, 2005


I'm dedicated to roleplaying tonight. I might ask myself why, considering my character is unconscious. So mostly I'm just there watching my new friends enjoy the game. It's lots of fun and I'm really loving it. It's felt really great to get into a regular roleplaying game and I'd like to gamemaster my own game sometime on saturday or sundays.

I haven't decided what setting yet. I'd like to do a sort of space cowboy setting, maybe something similar to the game I'm trying to put together online. The one without a name, but that everyone got mad at me for not having a name for, and the game that no one will help me with because they didnt like the color of the interface I was putting together mostly just to get the buttons and controls in the right place. Being the only one bothering to work on it, I felt a little put off, and then more so when everyone stopped working with me.

"You're welcome to change the colors, I'll send you the file."
File gets sent and never even opened.

Or maybe I'm just being bitter. When I get home tonight, I'm opening photoshop and playing with it. I really like the idea for the game and I'll work on it by myself if I have to.

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