Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Plush Goodness

Well, I guess they can make anything out of plush now. I don't neccessarily advocate doing it just becaue we can, on the other hand, this is pretty wicked. Restraint, I say, is needed. This at least, is just cool.

So, I've been christmas shopping online, and I'm all hopped up on Christmas cheer, which feels like it's the only thing keeping my body from rejecting... I don't even know what, because I haven't eaten yet. It's not fair... In order to throw up the laws of science should require you to have something to reject, I mean, dry heaving is the worst feeling in the whole world.

Last night we played a game of Kill Dr. Lucky at IHOP with Marcia, Jackson, Kayla, and Travis that lasted an hour or two and was lots of fun. Mike was there too, but he didn't play, he said he had much more fun reading everyone's cards before they were played. There was lots of laughing and fun and it was a good night.

Cheapass Games
is really quite a great site for really cheap but ultra fun games.

BBQ faq is the coolest ever. I'm going to host it on my site.

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  1. http://www.cheapass.com/free/games/sloppyseconds.html


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