Sunday, December 04, 2005

Seeds of a New Sort

Novel Ideas:

“How can we survive being shot at by 12 people who have trained for at least six years a piece to hit you lethally no matter what you do?”

“The answer to that is very simple. You don’t.”

“But the reason we’re all here… I mean… how can you tell us that we don’t? How can you tell us that when you did it? How did you do it?”

“I didn’t.”

The flustered student has no answer or question for that but looks as though both angry and hurt as though he is thought to be a fool.

“Nothing I did, kept me alive. There is nothing that I didn’t do that stopped me from dying. I tell you that you can’t, because you can’t, and that I didn’t, because I absolutely did not. I am alive because of many dramatic apices of random chance. A great mind once spoke of what an exhilaration it was to be shot at and missed. Every bullet fired at me was intended to kill me from the bottom of the heart of every single shooter. No man woman or child can really dodge a bullet, maybe, by some chance, dodge the gun before the bullet is fired, but not the bullet. For every single bullet that has ever missed me, there was a different reason that it missed me. And almost none of those reasons had anything to do with me. Mostly, you see, they just missed, simple as that.”

A soldier is in the army of a country that goes into civil war. The soldier is sworn to protect his country, that oath is the reason he joins and puts his life on the line.
He must ask, “What is the country that I swore to protect? Is it the ideals that founded, the people who live in it, or merely the place I was born regardless of what that becomes in the future or has been in the past? What does my oath mean, and do I have to accept what the army I swore it to accepts it to mean?”

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