Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fabric of Existence Weaves Itself Whole

"I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster." -Catherine II

I guess this is one of those quotes that I feel actually applies to real life in a lot of ways. A lot of times insights into hard work, bravery, and perseverance really inspire and touch me. If I had a doll here, I would show you where the bad quote touched me, but I don't so I wont.

I picked up a couple of cool things right before leaving on my trip for Oklahoma, first I copied the audio books to The Dante Club to Frank Herbert's Dune on my MP3 player. I never got around to Dune, which I know I would have loved, I've read the book several times. The Dante Club never grabbed me, and the audiobook jumped scenes and locations and characters so quickly that I had a lot of trouble keeping track of the larger events and only catching individual scenes. I don't know if the book is like that, but I don't think I'm going to finish the audiobook.

I also picked up a couple of freebies, Einstein's Refrigerator, and a cool puzzle game called Pixel Perfect Puzzles. I haven't read the book, yet, I was too busy getting through book 2 and 3 of Hellboy, and playing Pixel Perfect Puzzle, which is a great little puzzle game, though it looks like it lacks replayability and longevity of games like Every Word, because it only has a finite number of puzzles that while difficult, are mostly solvable in a weekend or so.

Anywho, I met a lot of family in Oklahoma this weekend that I have not seen in years. Some from up in Spokane Washington, some from Thailand. It was a really good weekend, we all celebrated Grandpa's 90th birthday. There was a lot of great food that Grandma and some of my aunts cooked, and both my cousin and I spent a lot of time goofing around on the guitar. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend on the drive with my sister and my mom, and on the way back we ate at a Mongolian bbq in Dallas.

2 things of note. First, on the drive up I saw an RV park named Campers' Paradise, and based on the view from a distance, it does not appear that campers have a very high standard for paradise. Second, while up there, we ate at a mexican restaurant, and when I dipped my chips into the salsa and took a great big bite I found to my horror that it was marinara sauce. Spicy marinara sauce, but marinara sauce all the same. It smelled of oregano and was sweet and... *shudder* That is NOT okay. I may never be okay again. I was truly mortified.

And now.. presenting Unicorns and Profanity:


  1. Was the restaurant also in paradise?

  2. I happened to wonder if you took your guitar along the trip with you.


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