Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Day

Here I share something beautiful:

After a ridiculously eventful weekend full of doing things and seeing people and all around incredible adventures... staying home all day today except for lunch was a nice change of pace. Jake and Sydney came over to watch some TV, but other than that I just ate a few cookies from the batch that I made last night. I told Zac that if I ever had a cookie jar I would make sure that it always had a fresh batch of cookies in it, and he said he was going to get one, then.

Anywho, sugar cookies are delicious. I am nearing completion of the library on the unseen university, today I finished the majority of work on the dome and on the corner tower, which still needs a roof, but is otherwise very nice looking. I also decided against upgrading my CPU/mobo. I'll put it off for at least 6 months. Maybe I'll consider it in Feb or March. Who knows. That is the sum total of my day. I wanted to spend some time with my dad, but maybe I will get another chance during his vacation. If he does not make time for me during this vacation, I will take that boat from his house and begin working on it by myself. After 5 years, I honestly believe that he has had his opportunity to work on it with me.

1 comment:

  1. I remember you persuaded him to home brew but it didn't come out right.

    I think it's hard for sons/daughters to share interests with parents when grown up. In my case, I have stopped watching TV and going shopping with my mom since I was in college.

    Hope you don't mind if I encourage you to brimg it home and work. I would like to see it too.


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