Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Toil in the Vinyards

Sad day, this weekend has too much to do. Going to be going up to Oklahoma to visit a large gathering of family, aunts and uncles from far away and around the world. Not quite a family reunion, but more than I've seen in maybe 20 years all in one place together. I was just fine with going until yesterday when Shuck called and told me that there was an open internship for harvesting at the vinyard where he works this saturday. Family before fun, though. I really hope that happens again, though, because I'd hate to miss out on a once in a lifetime experience like that.

There is just something amazing and uplifting to be a part of raising something up from the soil. I really wish I could go and do that this weekend. I barely even know the family I'll be seeing this weekend. *sigh* Oh, well.

Beat Trine today on steam, started playing The Whispered World, kept practicing a lot of Stairway to Heaven, finished re-reading Hellboy Library Edition Volume 2, so it's been a pretty productive day today. THe new funnel I designed for work to help empty our trap is phenomenal. It cut the time taking samples today by a significant ammount and greatly reduced the mess left behind.

Anywho, I'm going to poke around a few more things today, see what I can do before leaving work and what I can do when I get home.

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