Monday, August 22, 2005

Fried Trucks Jubilee

Well, my eye is feeling better now, when I first got to work, the contact in it was driving me crazy and hurting really bad. This weekend was a mixed bag. Friday night was okay, very relaxing. Saturday was very good, Mike was kind enough to drive me all the way out to have a look at the Ford Ranger of a friend of his father’s. He wants 2500, Kelly blue book says it’s worth 1230, I think that perhaps a fair price can be found somewhere between the two. Later in the evening I spent time with George, and his girl along with Mike, Justin, Cym, and Jackson as I cooked fried bananas and fried apples. The apples were fried in cinnamon batter, and the bananas were drizzled with a cherry rum sauce that I set fire to, and it glowed a very pretty blue. Served with mint leaves and ice cream, the whole thing was delicious and fun. Cym had told me prior to eating one of each that she did not like that style of food, but then enjoyed it so much she had her own bowl, which I considered to be the best compliment of the evening.

Much time was spent on Sunday working on my comprehensive project for Web Design I. I started it on Friday night, and was too busy Saturday to get much done, so it didn’t get turned in till 1 past 12 in the ay em last night. I made 170 out of 200 points for the whole thing. I think she was very kind in grading it and only taking 10 points off for lateness. I think this will leave me with an A for the overall course. Or at least a high b. Thing is, I don’t think it makes a different if it’s a high or a low b. All the same, I did my best, and I expect similar results from Digital Imaging I.

Most of Saturday, and the chunk of it that kept me from going to Kayla’s party was the horrid vehicle swapping that was forced early in the afternoon by my mom who suddenly decided not to get it done on Saturday evening. On the plus side, I did get to spend some time with my dad talking and chatting, and mom took me to Taqueria Arandas, which ended up being VERY awesome. Their burritos are incredible.

Yeah, Kingdom of Loathing is awesome.

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