Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Heat Stroke, oh Joy

Today was distinctly unpleasant. It started off well, Alan picked me up, and it looked like I might be on time or only a little late for work, then he let me drive there myself in his car, then the rear right tire blew out at 12:20 on I10 East bound. Of course absolutely no one could help me. I was stranded. Heat, and not enough gas to leave the car running, chuck was finally able to arrive at 2, and then he took the tire to Wal-Mart to be replaced under the warranty. It took them over an hour to fix the tire. Somehow having a customer stranded in the heat of the highway to keep from getting towed does not grant any kind of priority whatsoever, no matter how simple the problem.

Worse, my right contact fell out. Right into the sand, making it un-wearable. If I had water with me, I could have cleaned it off, but scratch that. So I threw it away. And the other one was disposed of after I got to work because of the headache that disjointed vision was causing me.

By the time I got to work, about 3:20, I was sunburned, my head hurt, and I did not smell fresh. I spent the next several hours coping, cooling off, telling people my story, but otherwise enjoying myself and getting to know my puppy, who I named Clair, and who can sit down, roll over, lay down, and who has won her first Frisbee championship.

*Enjoys the sweet, sweet feel of fresh A/C as I finish typing *

Tomorrow can only be better.

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