Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well, last night was not fun. Was stuck out at work till my mom remembered me at 11:30. At least she bought me dinner which was awfully nice of her, I thought. Ate Taco Bell, which, it apears, has started accepting credit cards, so I may begin eating there again as I never carry cash, which made it very difficult before. The entire time I was out here the mouse batteries were dead. Can you imagine how horrible that is? 11 hours with no mouse. I was able to do some things but it was horrible. Anyway, I am still totally without a vehicle, which is not good, but effort is being made in the right direction, and I will be able to borrow dad's truck tonight for the rest of this week and all of next, which will mean early days and car dealers galore. Hard to do that when you're hitching rides.

Anyway, the day goes on and life seems to be relatively unchanged by daily existence. I can live with that. But I'll live with it better when I get myself a means of personal transportation. I may cash my stock savings to do it. Feels like its not doing much but keeping me from getting good grants for college by being there. Could use it to get a relatively very nice vehicle, and pay back school loans.

I do have to especially thank George, Jackson, and Chuck who have all been there and given me rides to and from work, even though it is very unpleasantly far. And thanks to Mike for offering, though I denied thinking I already had rides coming.

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