Friday, September 09, 2005

Absence Makes My Heart Grow Fonder

It’s a really beautiful day outside. It’s Friday. It’s already 6:30 and I’ve been active and reading with no sleeping. Life isn’t perfect, but today has been good from the moment I woke up. I can only think of one way my day could get better. I might not get online when I get home, I think I’ll re-arrange my room and do some serious cleaning. My room certainly needs it. I might even finish up all the homework for IMED 1301 so that I don’t have to do any over the weekend.

So far it looks about as fun as intro to computers. The first assignment sucks. Analyze three different websites and write a paper on them. Wow, gee. A paper that takes exactly 0 imagination and thought, and will take up several hours possibly, minimum 500 words.

Le Sigh

I might also do some writing tonight. I have an idea for a story, that’s really growing. It may be time to put it to paper.

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