Monday, September 12, 2005

Missing School

I missed school today. Sometime over the weekend I put together a play list in sonique, and told it to stop playing songs as soon as they were added so that I could still add songs without interrupting the ones that were playing. So when my computer opened up the song I wake up to this morning it didn’t play. Really, my computer shouldn’t even be playing it in sonique, Windows Media Player is the default program because of crap like this. Why wont my computer play mp3s in the default program to play them in? Lord only knows. It makes me mad though. I had to uninstall sonique 2 because it was what my computer opened them up in if I had it installed. And it wouldn’t play them either, it would just open them up. Why will some things just not do what they’re supposed to? I mean, if I double click on an mp3, it will just start playing in WMP, why can’t windows scheduled task do that? Then I could have whatever player I wanted installed.

I just finished watching Sesame Street at work. The first thing I saw after it was over was a chef saying that his favorite drink is a frozen pineapple. He proceeded to inform us, the audience, while demonstrating, that you begin with crushed ice and then add pineapple, honey, lime, and rum before blending. All less than 10 seconds after Maria was making funny faces at Elmo. Am I the only one who thinks there’s something a little odd about that?

Frozen Pineapples for everyone on Sesame Street! If you thought Oscar was a grouch before, wait till he’s slapping      the kids around and yelling before Bert and Ernie have to tackle him to the ground while he’s screaming, “I don’t have a problem! You ****ers have a ****ing problem, I’m going to kick your mother-****ing ***es!”

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