Thursday, September 08, 2005

Erecting Lingual Structures

Strange that the only day I posted this week was my day off from work. That’s kind of inverted, the idea was to post here every day I worked then avoid the weekends and holidays. Oh well, I’ve done worse things. I’ve gone months without posting in the past, and at least I’m posting regularly now, thanks to Metamucil.

I’m feeling really passionate and creative right now. I’m also listening to some awesome music, I wonder if those two things are connected?

This morning and last night I tried out a demo for a game called Indigo Prophecy, which actually looked rather boring because it was labeled as adventure, and I didn’t see anything that didn’t bring to mind anything other than the game Myst to mind. A good enough game, but only if executed awesomely. For the most part, games like that really suck the big one bad. Then, I was reading Penny Arcade yesterday, and it was brought to my attention that I was not the only one who had 0 interest in giving a second glance to that name which was tied to those pictures of questionable origin.

For the reason that it happened to be a playable demo of it on a disk with many other demos that were actually wanted, it was played, and mentioned with a glow somewhat akin to how people do after great sex. On this post coital recommendation, I downloaded the demo last night, and played it this morning, and find myself in a related state of being, with a smile creeping up on my face as I get subtle reminders of the experience.

This demo is good. Because of it I will buy that company’s product. It is different, it is a REAL adventure, and it just made me feel good inside to play. I felt tension as moments got close to over flowing and replaying those moments made me feel that way again. That is a real turn on. I will have to think of this experience as foreplay. I want the whole thing now. My mouth waters for it, my palms are sweaty. Am I the only person who gets this way over literature and stories?

It’s like my life is driven by fiction, I live 6 hours away from one of the most amazing events ever, and I am awed by that. I am compelled by how it is so surreal that it is in itself almost fictitious. I partake, and even revel in the real world, but I love and crave the fictions that are weaved by the people in the world around me. Maybe to say they drive me isn’t accurate, but I do so love them.

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