Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Myriad of Topics

Well, I find this intriguing. How can I not find that appealing? I mean, I don’t think the game would even run on a modern computer. It takes REAL style to release an expansion pack for a game that’s 8 years old and requires the full, unmodified version of the original to run. I don’t know if this is some kind of odd kindness, or if it’s 3D Realms’ way of saying to me, “You want wash wang? Or watch Wang wash wang?”

I never even played the full game, just a demo I got from a friend. Maybe from a CD. I got it from somewhere.

Today I’m doing quite a bit of reading about scene graphs and the middle colonies. You may ask, “What do those have to do with each other?” To which, I would respond, “Everything”.

I might even hand you a book about the interconnectedness of all things. I’d be joking in part, I mean, certainly there would be underlying truth to my joke, and certainly any number of people could easily draw important connections between the middle colonies and the implementation of screen graphs in Java 3D, but the most meaningful connection is that I am simply studying them separately.

Tonight I make more French onion soup. I will then proceed to feed Jake, as it were. In the literal sense, anyway, since Jake will be there.

By the way, this go problem is awesome:

If white plays well, there is only one correct move for black to survive. Black to play first.

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