Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ties That Bind

Territory cannot bind people together forever. The human soul is too powerful to be held together in communities based on arbitrary ideals such as location. We make relationships of all kinds and forms, and we make them best with those who resonate with us, but we do it anyway with anyone we can. As a species we cannot live in a vacuum of interpersonal communication. The wider spread and more powerful communication is, the greater chance of bonding with people who are not bound to you by territory.

As a child I moved to a new neighborhood in the fourth grade. Bullies surrounded me, and people who liked to treat me badly. I sometimes resented it; mostly I was just lonely a lot. I eventually got friends; one at a time, then lost them all and then got a whole bunch in like, one day. I’ve done pretty well. All of my friends have stuck with me for life, so far. But in my lonelier times, I found game rooms online, and I have completed a rather strong list of friends who agree with me on so many ideological grounds and such that it intrigues me. What if one day a government forms that is not defined by territory, but rather is cobbled together out of people who are sprinkled across the globe like seeds, defining a whole new sort of community?

It’s sort of a little dream. How far is it from reality? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just so far fetched it’s impossible. Then again, maybe someone reading this is a part of an online community. Spending large portions of their days being a part of something that they don’t have physical access to.

The Corpse Bride is really good.

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