Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's amazing how tired I feel today. I think it's because I got into the bad habbit of sleeping at work. It's really something I should never do, but I get tired every day now unless I'm doing something. There's even lots of things I need to do, and I still get sleepy and take a nap.

I need to work on my novel, and get to 50k words, and 100 pages.
I need to work on my game, I've done so much on it already.

I have reading I could do, I need to stop sleeping at work all together. I need to do things. I need to write poetry, and run and play around, and I need to talk and learn new things.


I came from no where,
There is no depth to my existence.
I watch the world grow there,
On the other side of my personal fence.

I have no culture,
A thousand cuisines pass my lips.
The wisdom of ancient cultures helped me mature,
They are at my finger tips.

But these things are not mine,
That feeling in me is strong.
They are like the taste of brine,
To have none of your own feels so wrong.

All these things make me feel something,
Churns in my chest and plucks at my heart.
A truth in these feelings does sting,
And to you I will impart:

I have a spirit!
It is creative!
My spirit is free! No rules or structures bind it, only guide it!
Songs pour from it,
Feelings flow through it,
And a richness that is untapped,
Burns, burns hot inside of it!

I will make my own culture,
Be the source of my own history.
I will make stories with alure,
The world will get something from me...
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