Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Spent last night going to sleep early for school, and then this morning taking a survey at school. I have a 0 stuck on my english grade list because I forgot to do the make up assignment over the weekend, and she wont do anything for me. Not killing my average, but that did kill my chance for an A on the entire course, I think. I'll probably pass with a medium to high B. Made an 87 on my working bibliography. My current average is 82, but if I made a 92 on my last paper, this next one is worth 20% of my grade and I can really kick its ass. Fixing the last of the mistakes I made in the last paper, a 97 or even a 100 will not be impossible. I already know exactly what to do to fix my bibliography, so that part is done. Plus I'll be able to meet with the teacher 2 days before hand and get a carefull overview. That grade is MINE. There might be a very small chance of a very low A for the class, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

Working on the game document today for Hard Rock 2150. I like the name, I want the game to be hard Sci Fi, and I really don't see mankind really populating the asteroid fields for another 100 years at least, so Hard, and I want the majority of it to take place in asteroid feilds, Rock 2150... that about covers it all. They'll probably veto it, but it's going to be the name in the document.

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