Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sin City. I have never before seen a movie that was so enjoyable because it was so bad through and through. Cheese acting, cheese graphics, cheese line. The whole movie was pure cheese. But as it turns out, I like cheese. I love cheese. I laughed out loud at many of the parts of this movie and found myself thoroughly enjoying it.

It was extremely gory, and everyone who died, died pretty messily. This movie is not for kids, or teenagers, this is clearly an adult film. I would not have found myself pining for this movie were it never made, but it is good enough in its own way, with some genuinely good moments among all the terrible analogies and thick overdramatic moments in the flick.

Ghost Dog. A must see. This was a really beautiful movie with some very deep and interesting characters even though they were almost all flat characters. Flat characters can still have very much depth, they just don't change. There were so many really great scenes and interactions, I can imagine that it would have been possible to make the movie better in places with better writing, but as is, it is very very good.

I grilled on monday, that was fun, and I'm grilling again on friday, as well as looking forward to Sahara. I visited my mom last night, I was really really sad to hear that she broke her shoulder while she was camping in Oklahoma. I love her and I'm praying for her, she should be better in about 3 weeks.

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