Monday, April 18, 2005

Spent today working on my critical analysis paper. Not very hard though. I'm going to pay for it tonight. My court date was reset so that I could afford the cout fees on the date I go. The other two tickets, for not having my license and for having the wrong address, were dismised.

Tomorrow I'll get to have a 30 minute talk with my teacher and get to show her what I have of my research paper, so I'd like to have as much done as possible, and all of it if possible. I slacked off at work, and I had other school work to do as soon as I got home for Intro to Computers, so here it is, 11 o' clock and all I have are 3 pages that are totally disorganized, and need to be written from straight quotes into full body paragraphs with topic sentances and expanded into 4 more pages at least. And I need a few more quotes.

Looks like it's going to be a late night. Doesn't have to be, but the more done by tomorrow for my teacher to look at, the better the revisions and final draft on thursday morning.

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