Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today, Pattie Sue Taylor asnwered my secret question and unlocked my Yahoo account for Beneath_the_Sea. :D I AM Beneath_the_Sea again! It feels so good to have my old address back. But I really dont know how often I'll use it. There is something really satisfying about having peace and quiet during the day and being able to work. I may switch between accounts depending on what my mood is on any given day, or whether or not I have work to do.

Read tons of poems by various artists this morning while looking for a poem to do my final critical analysis for class. I dont want to do the one I initially wanted to do by Robert Frost, it's too easy, too many people have probably done it.

Anyway, I bought Guild Ward Collectors Edition on my way home from school today. Came with a logitech headset, and it runs great. I'm loving it, though I haven't actually played much, been getting the sound fixed, and letting george play. Had spagetti for dinner, I love cooking my own food. When did I start living exclusively on fast food except for special occasions? It's time I changed that.

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