Monday, April 11, 2005

It's been a really busy weekend, however, at the same time, it's really late, so I'm only going to run down the very essentials.

On friday, I left straight from work and met Mike, Kevin, and Russel at Zio's for dinner. I had the pasta mediteranian, which was simply orgasmic. One of the best tasting meals I have had in a very long while. I embarrass people when I eat food that blows me away, I tend to moan, and roll my eyes up into my head, and.. well.. lets just say, I'm very expressive. After that, we met Jake at the movies, and went in to see Sahara. George, Justin, and Steve walked in after the previews were almost over. It was a really awesome movie, it was tons of fun. It wasn't deap, it didn't make me feel, but it was absolutely thrilling all the stuff that happened. Like straight out of an action novel... which it was.

Didn't do much after that, we all hung out at IHOP until 2am. That was a good day. Then, on saturday, I woke up late, and eventually went shopping with Mike at about 4 in the afternoon. We got hamburgers, and chicken wings, and chips, and everything else you need to have an awesome grill. And, the whole world didn't show up, but it was awesome. George, Kevin, Joe, Jake, Mike, Steve, Marcia, and Jackson were all able to make it, we watched movies, and I made awesome roast corn, and I roasted garlic straight up with olive oil and rosemary, leaving it very flavorful. I have decided that I really really like fresh roasted garlic and will cook it every single time, if only for myself, as it is no more difficult than roast corn.

I used wood chips mixed in with hard wood charcoal to cook with, and everything went smoother than it has gone in a long time. I have now learned to only light half of the coals I want to use, then add the other half after the coals are on the grill, so they catch while the food is cooking, the fire lasts much longer. The chicken wings were absolutely heavenly. Things went on till about midnight as things slowly dissipated, when Jake was the last one, and I burned him 2 cds worth of music off of my computer, which he very much enjoyed.

On Sunday, Justin and Cymeron stopped by, and I loaned them some games for Cymeron's new gamecube that she got for her birthday. They said they had a lousy time yesterday, which is sad. At least she got a gamecube out of it, but she would have gotten that anyway. Then I hung out at IHOP later that night, and Marcia pretty much called me an asshole.. maybe not literaly, but how else are you supposed to interpret it when someone tells you that your only motive for wanting to join in and participate in a game of cards is to make their game longer and less fun. On top of that she had previously accused me of playing crazy eights with an annoying strategy, I mean... wow. Almost enough to just never play another game of cards with her again, as she pretty clearly doesn't want me to.

So, I just said, whatever and went for a walk till about 12 or so, enjoying the evening, it was rather nice out, and it was kind enough not to rain on me. After that, off to home, and sleep. Felt good, though it was a little restless.

Anyway, I have to go to sleep now, I have school tomorrow. Good night all, and sleep well.

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