Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Looks like I was so busy yesterday I forgot to post. Well, it was a very nice weekend. It started out with a slow friday where I didn't do much but play Guild Wars. Guild Wars is a topic all by itself, as it is a great deal of fun, but it is very unique in the way it takes a game similar to diablo and pushes it up to something that feels like an MMORPG but isn't, and adds enough depth and balance to the combat system that it actually feels like it's worth playing lots of. On top of that, it has plenty of story to go with it and play through. It is an entirely enjoyable experience.

On saturday, we went to help Tera move into her new apartment, I'd only met her once before, we got it all done in one trip, down from the second story and up to the third story. By sunday my calves were sore, and they're still just a little tender today from all the climbing. After that we ate a ton of pizza and then George took me to Jeni's house while he worked on her computer for her. After that we went to go and see the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was a decent movie, but it was clear that some retarted executive was in charge of putting things into the movie that had no business being there for the sake of mass appeal. Arther is supposed to be the most dense human being ever, and the romance in the movie between him and Trillian is totaly worthless. The dolphins are awesome, however, and there were lots of good parts.

It was disapointing since I love the book so much.

Sunday was spent lounging around, and enjoying the afternoon, and recovering. I honestly can't remember doing much of anything on sunday. Chatting online, oh wait, I think I went out to dinner at Zio's.. in fact, that's exactly what I did, and I had the spagetti and meatballs. Very good too. Other than that though, not much.

I picked my poem for the final today and wrote my first draft of my thesis statement. And yesterday I spent 6 or 7 hours working on work that was due that evening, but had been available for over a month. I am such a procrastinator. Anyway, aside from a few hickups, such as losing the entire powerpoint presentation part of the project after I was almost finished working on the last slide and having to redo it, everything went great.

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