Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Well, last night was really awesome. George, Jake, and Kevin met me at HEB, where we bought a salmon, feta cheese, tomatoes, and some other ingredients. I had of course learned earlier that day that I had recieved the wine Scott was sending me in the mail. It is a Greek Retsina wine. So, I decided to cook a salmon Mediteranean style.

Fry the salmon fillet in olive oil and garlic, skin side down. After a while, flip it and peel the skin off while the other side cooks. Keep frying until the salmon is nice and flaky. Add feta cheese, you can even get this with a little dry tomato and basil already added in, if not you can add basil here, preferably fresh, add diced tomatoes and some kalamata olives, or if you dont like olives(I was the only one who did that night) you can just add a little of the juice and drizzle a little more olive oil on top, keep frying until it is all warm, but not until the cheese melts.

Serve with a Retsina wine, chilled. Scott sent it to me, an incentive reward for beating Super Metroid in 59 minutes. I feel bad that I haven't gone back and done better, I really wanted 45, but I worked so hard to get down to 59, I just havent touched it for more than a few minutes since then. The Retsina was the inspiration for the entire meal. It's a very earthy wine. For desert, I served a Yaiourti Me Meli, which is very simple. Thanks again to Scott for the recipe. You take plain yogurt, and you use it as a base, then you take naval oranges, grate some zest off their peel before you slice them into bite sized bits, try to save all the juice you can, and then arange them on the yogurt, cover with a light layer of honey and then sprinkle with orange zest. It's an awesome desert, and there were a few things I could do to make it a little better, like serving it colder than I did, and making sure the orange is bite size.

Another package arrived today... ;)

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