Monday, May 23, 2005

This weekend was mostly nice. On friday night I hung out with Mike, we ate at humble chinese kitchen, which I like. Afterward, we had to pay cash because the credit machine couldnt connect through the phone lines, which was the first indicator of a much larger problem that was affecting the entire city of humble. A cut fiber line that was crashing phone service, cell phone service, and internet service for everyone, no one could use credit cards, and everything was going wrong.

Including things at Mike's work. No biggie, but we had to go there and I waited in his office while he did what he could. He's really moved a long way from the temp job he used to have there, and he has big plans there. And he really can go places, and that's awesome. I know I'll still be talking to him when he moves to Jersey, but I'll still miss him a lot. He worked really hard for his degree and he's using it to do some really cool stuff for Panalpina. I wish I had that kind of dedication. He'd be the first to tell me that I just need to pick something as a career path and follow it. And it's really good advice.

So, it actually wasn't boring. Doesn't hurt that I'm good at entertaining myself, doesnt hurt that I was able to guilt him into letting me play on his PSP, which he got on thursday and didn't tell me about. After that we stopped at H.E.B. and I bought six oranges and some raspberries to make candy with, the oranges produced a ton of candy, and the raspberries are ruined because I tried to rush the recipe.

On saturday we went to Best Buy, where I bought a game, we did that till we were sure Justin was at his new trailer, and then we got directions and went out to visit him there. It was... to be honest, not the greatest hole in the world. But with some spit and elbow grease they've fixed it up to dilapidated. With much more work, they could actually make it liveable for about a year. Justin is always cool, and they had a lot ot laugh about, they found shemale porn hidden in the old place, and there were maggots in the fridge, and a bong in the bedroom. So they inherited it from a pretty serious loser of a chick.

After that we came back and we ate some mexican food, and then went on to shop at H.E.B. for the real food for sunday. 4 racks of ribs and some corn. Pretty simple list, plus wood for smoking and a smokebox to put on the coals.

Sunday started out really slow, I started to think no one would come till people started trickling in around about 6. I had put the rub on the meat with joe's help at around 1 in the afternoon, till 2, and then let it chill in the fridge till time to cook with. Food was ready at 9 and everyone loved the food. George tried the hot sauce, he said it only tasted slightly hotter than tobasco, but his body knew otherwise, his lips spasmed, and his stomache made him regret it. I later found out that he deliberately didnt chew, just to avoid getting the full effect. And then he brushed his eye. Wow, I can only imagine the sting that would bring, or I could only imagine if I hadn't experienced it all too many times with habanero juice on my hands while taking out contacts.

He didn't finish those ribs, and so when Chuck started walking around, eating the ribs left on the plates people were done with, even the ribs that already had a bite or two taken out of them, he got a little surprise when he got to George's plate. I wouldn't even have known about Chuck's little round of eating if I hadn't walked in on him in the kitchen holding some ice to his lips and with a brooding look on his face as he suffered. He swore that he could see burn marks on his lips afterword, and described the decreasing pain as similar to that of a lingering sunburn.

The whole day Mike was mad at me for some reason, and I don't know why. I got frustrated and snapped, I really shouldn't have, and I owe him an appology. It caused him to leave my house early. I felt really bad about it, and I'm going to talk to him about it when I call him this afternoon.

Justin and Cymmeron showed up, and they had an okay time, except for Cym. When I took Zac to get his car so he could go home, I got to see the awesome lightsaber he got from his girlfriend. Coolest gift EVER. I really want Darth Vader's lightsaber though. Well, I mean they're both Darth Vader's, but, well, nvm, you know what I mean.

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