Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Well, last night was pretty cool. I was surprised pretty late in the evening when Jackson showed up. Didn't have much to do because Mike wanted to go home pretty early, which is understandable, he has work in the morning, so we went for a walk down to the local gas station, picked up some snacks, and walked back. We talked and I showed Mike the logo I did for our website, and then he went home for the evening, followed shortly by Jackson, who did stay for a little while to play hacky sack.

My dad called and agreed to come to a bbq next friday, which should be small, I'll do a couple of racks of ribs, which shouldnt throw me back toooooooo far, and some corn. It will be fun. I may invite a few other friends who are willing to chip in, which should be pretty cool.

Anyway, my stomach isn't feeling it's best today. Oh, and I appologized to Mike yesterday, that went well. I still need to watch this movie, suspect 0 that my mom loaned to me.

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