Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, I saw Episode III last night. It was good, but it's good in spite of a lot of things it did really painfully wrong. No movie can be great in spite of flaws, flaws, by nature, reduce movies to being merely good by matter of fact. A movie has to be great as a whole, but can be good with bad parts. Some of the parts of this movie were great, but some things that were just so easy to do right were done so wrong that it was painful. Such as Darth Vader's awakening. When they had his arms clamped down, and he ripped himself off the table, screaming without bending his legs, the comparison to Frankenstein's monster was just far too heavy, it was almost disgusting, do they think that people are so stupid that they don't know a monster when they see one?

It was a horrible moment, something that should have been significant made meaningless and painfully funny. They spent bilions on this movie and made unintentional funnies... that's not supposed to happen. Star Wars movies are supposed to be the movies that OTHER movies make fun of by cheesily ripping off the scenes from, not vice versa. There were some great characterization scenes for Anakin, and for the turning against Obi Wan, that was really awesome. But there were way too many whiny scenes even as he became Darth Vader, I don't get what they're problem is, because he loses all of his menace by whining in this movie. I think they picked the wrong actor entirely. He had no force behind his presence.

I could go on and disect the entire movie, but it's pointless.

Going to go see it again tonight, with my dad, and mary ellen, and jackson, and I think marcia.

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