Friday, May 20, 2005

Well, last night was really cool, I got my special sauce in the mail. It was really quite wonderful, I gave joe an itsy bitsy taste and had one for myself. It wasnt that bad, so when I met dad at Subway, I put some large dollops on my sandwich. My dad and Mary Ellen told me that I looked like a cartoon character the way my whole head turned read and my eyes started getting real big and bloodshot. Started hopping around Subway begging for a piece of bread and offering to pay for it, but all she would say was no, but then, she could barely speak english, so begging wasn't doing much good.

Anyway, after that whole ordeal was over, we went to see star wars, which was pretty good the second time around, about the same as the first time, only maybe a little worse because of some nearby obnoxious kids.

After that, not much of anything else happened. I forgot I intended to stop at the grocery store on the way home
I need oranges and raspberries for making into candies.

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