Monday, August 18, 2003

Funny how things work out since last I wrote here. Lionheart turned out to be a real disapointment. Beyond the excellent character creation system with shades of fallout there wasn't much there. The game played for the large part like baldur's gate, of which I am not overly fond for it's stress on combat over role playing and story line. If I wanted a hack and slash I would buy, and have baught, a first person shooter or any other shooter, like the excellent Elite Force II from Activision developed by Ritual entertainment, who like Black Isle may one day get the D&D license and make a game that totally alienates it's hard core shooter fans and satisfys the audience who loved Black Isle to death before Baldur's Gate, and now just buys their games out of pity with a weak hope in their heart that they'll make another real RPG that gives you the true multitude of answers to every problem with real quests that are far more than fetch this or kill so-and-so, and then everyone will be happy. On the otherhand, I picked up Star Wars: Galaxies because a friend had it and agreed to play Planescape: Torment, from the glory days of Black Isle, should I buy and play with him. Go figure, this game is GOOD. It's been nothing but fun since I started creating my character. Maybe it's just having a real life friend to run around the Star Wars' universe with shooting things, but this is on my list of 1 or 2 massively multiplayer online role playing games. Wel, till next time.

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