Sunday, August 10, 2003

This marks the end of an exemplary weekednd of fun and gamming with a good many of my best friends 3 days of LAN, with grilled food, sausage dogs, hamburgers, chips, movies and burning up from exhaustion at 4am. We found a way to set up a server and name it so that friends can play who are at the LAN and find us online and join over the internet for a fun time i was starting to think i would never have again. I haven't spent hardly any time with the people who are important to me online, and I miss them, but this weekend I really had to give my local friends priority and it was worth it, it's been the best time i've had in months. Odds are I'll post again tomorrow and even daily for a few weeks if it's interesting, but I never stick with anything for very long. Hello strangers who are reading this, hello friends, thanks for reading.

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