Tuesday, August 26, 2003

It's a pretty good day. Ive been playing a ton of Tron 2.o and I am thoroughly impressed. The game has aesthetic beauty, the feel of the movie, and evolved gameplay that feels somewhere between Deus Ex and half life. It's not quite as good as either one, it lacks the pure action of half life and the intense narative of Deus Ex, but on its own it achieves its' own greatness.

I tried reading another book by Robert Anton Wilson, I can't help that I think the guys' writing just sucks. I know his work is well loved, and has inspired some inherently good things. But when I read his writing I'm left with something very disjointed and superficial and I just can't appreciate something with that little real substance that's that gratuitous. And Schrodinger's Cat isn't any better, well not a lot better. Anyway, so I quit reading it after about 30 minutes and said I can write better than that. And I started trying, but frankly I can't write nearly as MUCH as that. I just don't have the focus, I really need to develope it. And it makes me sick every time I look at the list of things that I started writing got maybe a chapter or two of and just never touched again, it's like my art and it makes me sick with myself. I hope no one reads this but I'm pretty sure someone will, my best hope is to update again and just hope no one looks through my archive.

I got rid of my broken bed last night, my mom found someone who wanted it and so I moved it there and after work I'm going there to put it together cause we forgot the bolts and screws. Cest' la vie. Soon I'll have a comfortable couch to sleep on, not that I wasn't sleeping on it already, now it will just be in my room. I just started feeling really bad again... post and publish.

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