Friday, August 22, 2003

Today the LAN party begins, Mike and Zac are bringing their machines over for one last lan before Zac head off to college. He'll do awesome there, we all know he will and this will be our last goodbye, along with hotdogs and hamburgers grilled outside on my personal grill. Hell, maybe I'll splurge and make some of my kick ass fajitas. Chris is expected to spend some time there hanging out with us and gaming, as well as Joe, Jackson, Justin and maybe a few people might show up on the fly. All in all this weekend looks really promising for a ton of fun. Big surprise for this week: SWG looks like the game that will get the most play as at least 3 of us have accounts and characters on the same server and perhaps a fourth will join by this evening or saturday. That will be a first MMORPG to be game of honor at a LAN for me. Naturally other games on the agenda will include The Battle Grounds, a revolutionary war mod for half life staring one shot weapons with 40 second reloads, Day of Defeat, a past favorite and most played game in our LAN history Day of Defeat will recieve very little play, but i would not be surprised if it got a small chunk of play time, and last but not least a small list of GameCube and XBox games both multiplayer and singleplayer.

After playing the Demo for Tron 2.o a few weeks ago it became apparent that I need to purchase this game when it lands in stores this monday. Games that are as fun as that demo are pretty rare.

In other news, last night I was able to download and watch the full Deus Ex: Invisible War intro movie. How do I want this game, let me count the ways.... the video by itself, minus all previous knowledge of the game offers about a million reasons, it is going to be AWESOME. Maybe more action oriented than Deus Ex while being less so at the same time. I have untold fondness for the original work by Warren Spector, primary influence on other titles which have had me blowing hot air for hours on their merrit such as System Shock 2. This is one of my heroes, and the Looking Glass logo will be sorely missed at the beginning of his games, but life will go on and his games will continue to be some of the most enjoyable you can ever play, past and present. It is a shame it has been pushed back to a December release date, but you know what? I don't mind, there's enough games coming out to keep me entertained and happy until then.

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