Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Promises, promises, so I promised I would put up a new post on monday. Well I have news, monday has come and gone and it should be quite apparant that I lied. It's not that I meant to, it's just that I'm not very good at keeping promises. Like the ones I make to myself. I.E. "I will fill out the application for the art institute of houston by this tuesday at the latest." Yeah, I blew that one too. I was all hyped after an interview last week where I really impressed a recruiter who I'm pretty sure is paid to be impressed. For all my artwork I dont have the 10 little required pieces they wanted. 3 landscape, 3 full figure, 3 still life, at best i have 2 still life and 2 landscape... Full figure you say? Maybe you've never seen my artwork, I just can't draw a person, I start and I end up with something thats not really twisted but is very expressive of an idea.... usually the idea is "look, I got bored". It's 150 just to apply... what type of rip is that. So the self doubt sets in and I don't want to apply till I'm finished with my portfolio. No biggie right? That's the same reason I didn't apply last year, so what have I done in the meantime? Well, for one I started drawing a comic strip, I've been learning to program in java, which I've also started to slack at, I wrote my own version of minesweeper from scratch and I've been practicing my photoshop skills. I've gained a lot of weight and lost a little of it. Other than that? Not much. It's really depressing and it makes me question what I'll do when I'm actually in the school working for a grade spending money, maybe wasting it. It's scary. Maybe I should just go to community college. Who knows. So a lot has happened this week, or rather, a lot hasn't happened that should have... there's still 3 days left, maybe it still will. PvP Online has had a really great story going lately, I recommend you go check it out, back up a week and read it from the begining. Well, till next time.

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