Thursday, September 30, 2004

As it happens, we have a few points of interest for you today. If you're into programming at all, it's worth a look. If you're into stories more than games, a writers group will do you more good. I personally am digging it. It is helping me bring my character's to life.

As it is, today is pretty tame. I've spent a good bit of it reading the princess bride. I have always loved the movie and have been meaning to read it the moment that I found out that it was a book, much in the same manner as I needed to read fight club. So far, I am immensly enjoying it.

I also began my second tour through the lands of Fable last night and so far my character is unscathed by the blade and is without scars. I imagine he will be quite the badass taking advantage of such wonderous toys as Mana Sheild and Slow Time. Such beautiful little spells, they'll make fine additions to my fighter's character. Additions that make me invulnerable to damage, to say the least, and offer to make my damage multiplyer rise, higher, and higher, muahahahahaha.

The release of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is close to release. Six more days or so. I guess time will tell how good they've been to this series. I do hope they have, though, in a sense, by not including Al Lowe in the production of it, they have already been very VERY bad to it. But who knows, it could still turn out to be loads of laughs. And if it doesn't, I guess Sierra really is just dead. Ken, that sellout.

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