Monday, September 27, 2004

This weekend was very satisfying. On friday night I was up till 2 am as usual... doing homework and laundry. Woke up promptly at 7 am to no hot water, and began my trek to my truck, lugging my portfolio and my tools case. Class went by quickly, it was very rewarding. I really like Drawing I and I think it will end up doing me quite a bit of good. Maybe if I ever make anything even worth looking at I'll post it up here. Probably not, unless I surpass my old stuff. But I suppose that is a distinct possibility.

Later on that night we had a grill and a good six people showed up for it. It was very nice to slow cook fajitas and fresh corn on the cob. We sat around, chatting, and listening to music and George and Jake saw Donny Darko, which I was compelled to buy as neither of them had ever seen it before. It was tough to do so, because I had spent 30 the night before buying a copy of the greatest operating system ever. I mean, wow, I love Go, it's such a beautiful game. When I saw there was an OS dedicated to it I was compelled to purchase it and the accompanying thumb drive as I don't have one of my own anyway. We chilled and shared our Fable characters and traded books. I got a horrible headache though for no reason around 11.

It was terrible, and I still stayed up till 2 a.m. playing Fable before I finally went to sleep. And even then, it was a restless sleep. But when I woke up, I felt normal. Like I'd had a normal sleep and like I'd never had a headache, I didn't feel great, but because it contrasted against the headache from the night before, I felt GREAT. It was like being reborn.

Later on that day George and Mike showed up, and they worked on Mike's laptop and other various small tasks while I was working with Scott on Short. So far, Scott has been mostly dictating, but the more I work with him on this the more I can actually guess what we're going to do next. I don't have the vision to write something like this yet, or do the planning for it, but I can understand when I look at it already done, and we haven't written anything yet, just trimmed and cut and rewritten bits to fit other bits.

During a break, Mike, George, and myself went to eat and to walmart for George to get a new tape to play his iRiver in his car. While we were there I longingly gazed at Dawn of War. I'm not going to spend my money. I wonder what would happen if I was totally responsible with my money for once. Would I perhaps have savings? You never know. When we got back, Mike and George were out the door by midnight but when Scott and I started up again at 1 we were hindered by countless yahoo bugs and computer crashes and we didnt finish until 4 am. Fun, Fun.

I mean, it was LOTS of fun. But the way my eyes burned when I wake up this morning wasn't. Anyway, we've debugged and fooled around in Short, and now it works. It's an instant engine ready for world generation. You can walk around in a fairly large room filled with random objects that show off the line of sight system. Debugging left me behind again. Showed me I still have a lot to learn and I need to remember other things better, but each mistake I make I do my best to remember not to make it again. I wonder if we can have this game all wrapped up in a week, or maybe two or three. It would be amazing if we could. I can't wait to see how the parser will work.

Maybe the competition will get George to do some real work with me. I'd like to see him work on our project. I'm always willing to drive for it. And I do show initiative, but the dude get's distracted. *shrug* Only time will tell. For what little I've done while working with Scott, I feel intensely rewarded for my efforts and I can't wait to do more work on it later. Now back to familiarization with the code. Ciao.

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