Monday, September 20, 2004

I am a Fenderson. You can be one too. The specific rules and regulations for how to become a fenderson are documented in the fourth or fifth edition intro to the principia discordia. I forget which and even if I remembered, I certainly wouldn't tell you, of all people. But for the sake on not denying anyone the priviledge of becomming a Fenderson by not telling them how, so for your benefit I will abreviate it here. You simply say, " I am a Fenderson, " and then you are one.

What is being a Fenderson good for? Well, far be it for me to tell you, but, it's really only what you make of it. Certainly, if you use it to start your own Greater Brittish Empire you have certainly done more with it today than most, but that is by no means a guarantee. But that should never stop you from trying. If it helps, if you were to start your own nation without borders I will certainly be glad to join it; but I feel you should be aware, I tend to feel that it would be just as fun to destroy a new nation as to start one. Fair warning given.

If you're a fenderson, do me a favor, and email me and let me know. I'd certainly like to know who to avoid at the family reunion. Fnord.

Find out what's wrong with your brain. Scanning yourself for mental viral infection is the first step to not doing anything about it at all.

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