Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I grilled last night. I made hamburgers and chicken fajitas and corn on the cob. Everyone loved it, I always love cooking for people. My friend Jake is having a get together on friday or saturday and having brisket, I'm definitely going, it should be fun.

Only a few more days till Fable comes out. Should be in my hands by next wednesday. For now I'm going to settle for playing lots of Ninja Gaiden. I am loving that game, I am up to 30 scarabs in it. I've only missed one so far and I hope I can go back to get it. Probably wont be able to though, oh well, my loss.

Doom 3 has a demo coming out now for all those who don't have it and haven't tried it. I guess it's a little late for me considering I've already beat the game. Maybe I'll try it and then buy another copy of it. Well, I would if Fable weren't coming out next week.

There is a Star Trek MMORPG in the works. Eat your hear out, Mike.

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