Thursday, September 16, 2004

Got Fable yesterday and learned that I was picking it up the day AFTER it came out. All I can say after 10 or so total hours on the game is... WOW. I love the game. The quests will never have multiple solutions, though they will have multiple outcomes based on how well you did; so the game can never really be more than an action RPG. However, even so, it is the most dynamic, inclusive, expansive, and unique action RPG ever. It truely is the very best at what it is, and even if it isn't the best role playing game ever, it is on par with the best, easily. Some may even disagree with me. I know now, playing this game, that I will be playing it again and again and again.

My best chicken kick is 12.005 feet. Highest combat multiplyer is 11. Could have been higher but I got hit at the last minute. Could have been MUCH higher. I wish there were a way to just print out the statistics to a txt file and then copy paste to here. Maybe one of these days, saturday most likely, I'll take the time to copy my stats by hand onto here.

Right now I'm at work and I didn't bring my xbox so I'm starting to have cold sweats and even some of the shakes... I'll be fine after I play just one more quest, that's all I need, I swear. I can quit after just one more quest. I can quit anytime I want.

In other news, George bought an xbox last night just for Fable, which he bought with it. Played it all last night and most of this morning when we started comparing notes. It's amazing how much you can enjoy the game if you don't run straight through it, given our pretty much equal 5 hour progress through the game we have both spent maybe 10 or 15 hours actually playing and starting over various times. I'm trying to search out every single nook and cranny of the game... I LOVE some of the mini games like showing off trophies or bar table coin golf. George says he doesn't plan on playing any other games on his XBox, but I'll make a console gamer out of him yet. I already KNOW that he wants to play Crimson Skies... I'll work on loaning him that after he finishes Fable, then after that, probably not too long because crimson skies is a short game, Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden will both frustrate and elate him simultaniously. After that, there is more work to be done, Jade Empire, Conker: Life and Reloaded, etc.

Signing out.

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