Monday, September 13, 2004

This weekend was really slow. I had my art class on saturday morning, but it did pick up when I went to Jake's party on saturday evening. It was very fun, Jake and I talked a good deal about books and he beat Metroid Prime for the first time, and I played the Metroid Prime 2 demo. It was good... not way beyond MP, but about as good. Jake's dad makes incredible bbq, and his brisket was excellent. Sunday was lazy, lazy, lazy, read over 100 pages of The Forever Hero. Ate diner with Mike, George, Jackson, Marcia, and Kayla. After that read more Forever Hero and went to sleep late.

When Mike called, we talked about how George wasn't working much on the game. Mike has been really intrigued by the idea of making his own game for a long while, and so we discussed some possibilities. I had a really cool idea of being a thief, and he said sci fi, and I think the two can be combined awesomely. Being a sci fi thief with all kinds of neat tools for picking locks and breaking through things in a text adventure. I could do some neat stuff with that. I hope he is ready to work on it in the next few weeks.

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