Friday, September 10, 2004

The Forever Hero is turning out to be a pretty good book, I am really enjoying it. Of course it was probably a good guess that I would enjoy it. The Magic of Recluse series is some of the best fantasy I have ever read, the man is simply amazing. He is very good at making very mundane believable worlds our of extraordinary universes. It's a very tough thing to do.

I really need to find something interesting out here to do.. I'm falling asleep and I really don't want to. The weather is too warm for my liking and I am very uncomfortable. I keep fantasizing about playing World of Warcraft when I get home. The desire to play it is almost sexual.

Last night I ate at IHOP with Mike and George. The food was okay, but it didnt feel like it was worth 10 dollars and I think I overate. I always seem to over eat, I should order things with smaller portions. Maybe it has something to do with how much I eat out.

I have Drawing I tomorrow. Second class, so far. I need to do my homework for it, still. I am really hoping that this class will improve my artwork. It would mean a lot to me if it did. I am working on a logo for a company for Mike. If they like it, I may even get paid. I've got a couple of ideas. It would help if they better knew what they wanted.

Jake is throwing a party sometime tomorrow evening. That should be fun to go to, I can't wait to try more of his dad's cooking. His dad always cooks competitively at the rodio, he is an awesome chef, and his food is delicious.

Being unique is always measured as being 1 in a million. How many parts of a million would someone average be? 555,555 in a million? 999,999 doesnt seem right. What are the genuine odds of being average after you've seperated it from all the chances of being unique?

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