Monday, January 24, 2005

It's been a long and comfortable weekend. Got lots of homework done, and spent lots of time hanging out with friends. Friday ended with events that I have already enumerated in friday's blog entry. Suffice to say, everything was good and Sophie stole our cheese before we could finish it ourselves, and our arteries are, in a way, thankful.

Saturday was spent lazily, chatting and falling asleep, in the middle of chat, on the floor even, only to be awoken by Mike. We were going to Ikea to look at furniture for offices etc. It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon; however, I was forced to leave hastily. Near the exit of Ikea was a hot dog stand which was surounded by a haven of swedish condement delights, the likes of which appaled Mike. He did rather well when I showed him the Pickled Cucumbers, and the frozen crawfish tails, and even did fairly well despite the many varieties of salmon, until we, or rather I, stumbled on Salmon Patte in a Tube. Looking very much like a toothpaste tube, this two or three dollar condiment allows the common man to take his salmon patte wherever he likes, despite the restrictions that mother nature herself, deliberately, imposed on the transportation of such powerful food stuffs.

My discovery was followed immediately by Mike bellowing the words, "We're leaving! Now! "

From there we went on toward the movie theater where we met Jackson and Marcia and George to watch the movie Racing Stripes. It was an amazingly cute movie, though a bit thin and poorly acted at points by the main characters. The horses had some of the worst dialog in the movie. But all the same, the movie was cute. After that we ate dinner at Benigan's. That was a really good day.

After that Jackson, Marcia, and I went back to my house and I said good night to Pattie, who I had fallen asleep on earlier, and then the three of us watched The Corruptor, and fell asleep during it. It has Chow Yun Fat in it, who is my favorite asian actor, he's awesome, and totally cool in every respect. That's one of his really good movies, though he's also been in many others.

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