Monday, January 10, 2005

Well, it's been a long weekend of goodbyes. This is pretty much it. Chris is leaving tomorrow at 4:30 am. One backpack, the clothes on his back, then on the plane and in the air to get his hair shaved, his butt spanked and then thrown out to get broken into shape. Go Chris.

Seriously though, he is one of my oldest friends, and I'm going to miss him a lot. If he doesn't write me I will hunt him down and kill him, army or no army.

The party was a ton of fun and lasted all day on saturday. Football, hackey sack, tons of pizza, drinks, music, and afterwards we went to see White Noise. On Friday, I know this is out of order, we went to see Beyond the Sea. On sunday we hung out some more, eating ice cream, talking and watching The Legend of King Arthur. They made some really interesting changes to the characters from the original story by the end of the movie, for instance, Sir Lancelot's character was too dead for Guenivere to cheat on Arthur with.

After that we called it a night. I'm going to try to hang out with him this evening too. I'll do it in my blue uniform if I have to, Chris is family for me, and I love him like a brother. I hope he goes awesome places with his new career.

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